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IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: Our Mus!c Brands warehouse staff has been reduced due to COVID-19 concerns and our lead times may be longer than usual. We will keep you posted as we get caught up.

TC Electronic
The TC Electronic teams are deeply involved in the lives of musicians, engineers and audiences - so that they can deliver the richest audio experience for everyone in the chain.

They're Devoted to Your Audio
Their dynamic and small teams draw from more than 40 R & D specialists and stop at nothing to create products that lead the way on digital audio effects, amplification and networking. The secret is the value they place on living in the shoes of those most affected by sound.

This is why customers facing the greatest demands have chosen TC Electronic: top artists, world class recording studios, the most prominent TV and Radio stations and leading theatres and public address companies.

Elevating Your Sound to a Higher Level
Every product from TC Electronic takes sound to a higher level: whether it's guitarists using their TonePrint enabled effects pedals, bassists on their ultra powerful and ultra light BG 250 amp, engineers on their acclaimed System 6000 processing flagship or broadcasters relying on the DB6 and other products which have earned them the title of "loudness authority".
TC Helicon
TC-Helicon truly believes that the voice is the world's most beautiful instrument. They don't mean to degrade other beautiful instruments, but the singing voice is the anthropological source for all things melodic.

What Sings Should Know
Singers should know there is a dedicated group of engineers, researchers and product specialists based in Victoria BC, Canada, who spend every waking moment of their working lives listening, talking, singing, and interacting with singers and those who have passion for the singing voice.

Why It Matters
All this knowledge and experience is used to design products respecting and empowering the modern vocalist. Their products focus on removing barriers and inspiring creativity in performance. That's why their products range from near-field personal vocal monitors to floor-based vocal multi-effects pedals.
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